Vaping Cases Linked to Vitamin E, Bootleg Cartridges?


Health officials also Stated the majority of vape cartridges Involved came in black market sources. “Many are supposed to be counterfeits of recreational cannabis-containing vape merchandise offered in other states,” the statement said.

Public health officials are trying to find the Sources and causes of the rash of severe lung injuries. More than 200 cases of vaping-related disorders are reported from at least 25 countries, including two deaths that are reported.

One California physician also said he is seeing black-market Vape cartridges as a frequent link to many of the patients he’s treated. A lot also had been vaping THC, CBD, or even any mix, states Milton Teske, MD, also a public health officer for Kings County and an emergency room doctor at Adventist Health in Hanford, CA.

He and his team interviewed most of those nine patients with Severe lung injuries associated with vaping which have arrived at the Hanford hospital so far. It is approximately 30 km south of Fresno.

“The 1 thing in common is that each single one had Got [the vape] from a pop-up shop, or even a stranger, or even a friend of a friend,” Teske says. “No one had acquired it from a licensed dispensary.”

Pop-up stores open for an unfixed amount of time, market By word of mouth, and change places often, says Nancy Gerking, assistant director of public health at the Kings County Department of Public Health. They follow no present regulations or safety practices, for example testing products for contamination.

THC or CBD or any combination,” Teske says. Both compounds are present in marijuana.

While the CDC has yet to nail a common cause or Material, the bureau says users report using THC or some similar material in a number of the circumstances.

E-cigarettes usually contain nicotine, most also include Flavorings and other chemicals, and some may include marijuana or other compounds. Other widely used names are vapes, e-hookahs, vape pencils, mods, tanks, or electronic nicotine delivery methods (ENDS).

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