Why You Need To Try Your Hand at Micro Needling


So many celebrities swear by the process of micro-needling. It has become the Holy Grail for all those people who suffer from one skin condition or the other. It has been known to produce immediate results that last a long time.  

Micro-needling, which is also known as collagen induction therapy, makes use of fine needles in order to create hundreds of small negligible puncture wound on the skin. To be precise, these punctures occur mostly on the top layer of the skin. This might not sound appealing in theory, but the end result of this treatment is highly effective. This minimally invasive treatment can be done in the office by a trained professional aesthetician, cosmetic doctor, or dermatologist. The invasions are made using a derma roller, which is a small handheld paint roller shaped tool with tiny needles attached to it. It can be done at home and is equally effective, as done in the office.

This procedure is perfect for all those folks who wish to reduce acne scars and stretch marks. All you need to do is visit a dermatologist, and they will advise you whether your skin is fit for micro-needling or not.

Micro-needling works by getting your skin to produce more collagen. The skin is pinpricked that causes slight injury to it, and so the skin responds by making new-collagen rich tissue. The new tissue would deliver the skin with an evener tone and texture. It is normal for the skin to lose its collagen because of age and injury, and so a new tissue would help make it firmer and better.

Reduction in wrinkles

Everybody of every age and gender wants access to youthful skin and so opt for micro-needling for youthful-looking skin. The stimulation and growth of collagen and elastin are key elements to wrinkle-free skin. Micro-needling uses the body’s own natural healing mechanisms, and so the results appear very natural. The best part is that there is minimal downtime with it.

Visible scars

According to studies, at-home micro-needling has significantly improved the appearance of acne scars. You will have to use the micro-needling tools long enough actually to see the results. Severe acne scars need longer needles to be fixed and bettered. The professionals usually use up to 3mm of needles to cure deeper acne scars.


Though collagen is all the rave right now, its healing powers go far beyond reducing wrinkles. By stimulating collagen growth with micro-needling, you can also reverse issues like sun damage and discoloration, and this includes hyperpigmentation that occurs with melasma.

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