Hair Smoothing Vs Hair Straightening: What’s Better for Your Hair


Are you looking for Hair smoothing Vs Hair straightening?

We all need to have sparkly, delicate and without frizz hair consistently. This is valid, particularly for Indian ladies who need to continually battle outside conditions like mugginess, pollution, heat and air condition. To achieve too cleaned tresses, we have used medications like smoothing treatment like unwinding and re-bouncing, just as straightening.

What is Hair Smoothing:

Smoothening is mainly used to control the frizz and dullness of the hair. It is also known as an essential hair care treatment to ‘smoothen’ out the hair avoiding any sort of harshness or dullness. It is also used when you experience the ill effects of unreasonable split finishes. This treatment looks straight-wavy on incredibly wavy hair and tolerably straight on wavy to naturally straight hair. The creams that are utilized are Ammonium Thioglycolate and Sodium Hydroxide for all time break the obligations of the hair giving a smooth sleek look to the hair. Hair smoothening it should also be possible at home with straightforward DIYs however primarily done in salons with specific synthetic substances included.

What is Hair Straightening:

On the other hand, you can go for hair straightening which is progressively permanent treatment. It remakes your hair from the roots which imply that the impacts of the medications are long-lasting. Certain synthetic substances are applied to the hair to separate the bonds of the hair shaft which remade by applying heat. The framed bonds are fixed with the assistance of more synthetic compounds. This sort of changeless hair fixing is also called ‘Japanese Hair Straightening’.

At the point when the structure of your hair transforms, you get stick-straight hair considerably more effectively. The warmth, for this situation, isn’t utilized for locking but in addition to rebuilding your hair. You can go to any salon to complete this treatment as hair straightening has become very popular now. You will find that your hair remains straight for at any rate five or a half year after you complete the treatment. Besides, your hair will be reasonable and smooth. Hair straightening cost differs relying upon the length of your hair.

Why Hair Smoothing Over Hair Straightening:

Hair researchers suggest sometime hair straightening over hair straightening. This choice is just founded on the customer’s hair type and desired result. Numerous individuals need a natural completion without their hair looking pin straight. Hair smoothing, although temporary, fills this need with less harm. With hair straightening, the hair bonds should be broken and a short time later changed. This spells a specific measure of hair harm. While your hair can be fixed, it will require extraordinary thought and standard touch-ups and trims when the common hair starts to create back in.


Individuals who use keratin treatment on their hair report a couple of points of interest. Results depend upon your hair type and surface. They are furthermore very dependent upon how stable your hair is, in the first place, and how thick it is. Various kinds of keratin treatments may give fluctuating outcomes.

  • Smoothing down your hair
  • Filling in holes in the proteins of every hair strand
  • Helping hair look thicker and smooth
  • Making hair look reflexive and straighter in appearance
  • Making your hair progressively reasonable

Side Effects of Hair Smoothing:

Here we talk about some reactions of hair smoothing which is also called Keratin smoothing. Keratin hair treatment may give attractive outcomes, but they also accompany their symptoms.

Hair Fall:

Hair Fall

Hair fall could conceivably influence your beauty, however, one needs to think past its tasteful part. All things considered, it could be an indication of falling apart wellbeing. Hair fall is the most well-known symptom of hair smoothing. The over the top utilization of unsafe synthetic compounds and warmth makes the hair follicles frail and isolate at the roots, causing hair fall. As months pass by, the hair strands additionally lose their common quality and start breaking.

Damage to the Natural Hair Texture:

Damage to the Natural Hair Texture

In the smoothening treatment, the amino acids and disulfide bonds in your hair are broken and rebounded, incidentally giving them another structure. Along these lines, the natural texture of your hair is lost.



The synthetic substances utilized in hair smoothening treatment gather as sediments on the scalp. These sediments act as a catalyst in the generation of dandruff chips, which cause itching, hair fall, and oiliness.



Another basic side effect related to permanent hair straightening is dry hair. Use of a hot iron on hair may dry out your hair, as such, leaving your scalp dry and parched. You should ensure that the master doesn’t apply difference compounds directly to the roots. It is prompted that synthetic substances should be applied after they leave a centimeter opening from the roots. chemicals on roots may debilitate them and leave them dehydrated. this condition worse full if you have already dry hair

Precautions & Aftercare:

As this is a compound procedure, although a milder one still needs to utilize mild shampoos after this treatment. Using of Conditioners is constantly suggested, great quality ones that nourish your hair as well. Occasional hair Masks will assist you with restoring your hair wellbeing and lessen the impacts of the chemicals utilized for the treatment. We should recall in the wake of experiencing Hair Smoothening treatment, not to utilize Oil massages for hair as this decreases the smooth impact and lessens the viability of the treatment. You should utilize Hair serums to secure moisturizer in your hair. Ordinary brushing helps as well. Rest, don’t be dismal when you lose the impact as it will undoubtedly occur.

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