Drilling Down the Top Reasons for Joining the Dentistry Field


Dentistry is not a profession for just anyone. You need the right mindset to spend days peering into the mouths of patients. Yet, for the right person, becoming a dentist can be a tremendous career-choice for a variety of sound reasons. You can be a candidate for this crucial healthcare profession if any of the following reasons for joining appeal to you.


You have many choices for how you would pursue your career. You could go into academics, work for a large medical center, join an established practice or start your own business. The third option is one that would provide a sense of independence since you would then work as a partner. Still, starting your own practice would give you the most control, where every business decision would be yours, from whom to hire to which supplier to use for dental o-rings and gaskets.


After the challenging years of dental school, you will be rewarded with substantial earnings. For example, the median salary for dentists in 2018 was $151,850. This kind of return can give you great flexibility in your standard-of-living choices.


Consider, too, that having different dental career options means you do not have to box yourself in when choosing your path and commensurate lifestyle. Were you to open your own practice, for example, you could open the business for the hours that make the most sense to you. Furthermore, you could choose whether you would want to engage in a standalone practice or work as part of a team.

Social Working Conditions

The profession offers another significant reward for individuals who enjoy the company of others. You spend every working day interacting with patients of different ages who come from a variety of backgrounds. In addition to your clients, even if you are the lone proprietor you will still employ front office staff and dental hygienists with whom you can share professional conversations and lighthearted banter.


As a dentist, you can hold your head up when you go to work each day. A recent Gallup Poll ranked dentists the fifth-highest profession in the areas of ethics and honesty.

Dentistry is more than just a job for those who invest in the pursuit. Were you to choose this path to follow, you would find benefits around every turn as you travel down that road. If you want to join a fulfilling profession that provides both work and lifestyle satisfaction, starting a career in dentistry would be a crowning achievement.

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