5 Home Health Hacks We Can All Learn From


When it comes to your family’s health, there is nothing that can sway you from demanding the best treatment possible. This is true of all parents, with some eve going to far as to learn a little about medicine, just to be on the prepared side. If one of your children has an accident and a bump or scrape ensues – you turn immediately to the family first aid kit… but what do you keep in it?

We looked out some of the more innovative health-helpful home hacks, just for you!

Home Health Hacks We All Need in Our Lives!

So what are these miraculous home health hacks we all need? Let’s find out!

1 – Products Break

The problem with health products is that they sometimes break. Lip salves can get smashed before they are used up, needles get lost and salves or ointments can be pierced – especially when you have multiple sets of tiny hands in the house. Keeping some Sugru on hand will help you here. It’s not just a mouldable rubber used for Photography DIY, it’s also a versatile glue that can act as a pad for stray pins or needles, fix your broken beauty palettes, and mend a brush handle. It’s just really handy stuff.

2 – Change your Pillow

No – seriously. Go and do it, right this second. Your pillow harbours more germs and bacteria than any other part of your bed. It doesn’t matter how many cases you put on that thing; it is still gross. Go and throw it out, then splash out on some super-comfortable new pillows for your bed. It will do your neck, back, and shoulders wonders, and it might stop you getting reoccurring ear, nose, or throat infections. Waking up with dry eyes? Might well be your pillow. 

3 – Implement Digital-Free Time

Make an hour or two a night a time when the family isn’t wired to their devices. Go get some fresh air, play a board game, or otherwise just spend time together. This is setting a good example for your children, making sure you all get exercise, and bonding time. Why else bother having a family if you aren’t going to spend quality time together? Getting off the screens will help everyone’s eyesight, perk them up, and lead to better conversation. Try it for a week and see how you get on!

4 – Stop Buying Junk Food

You don’t need to diet, you don’t need to throw it out, you just need to stop buying it. If it isn’t in your house, you can’t eat it… right? Swap your calorie heavy foods with milder mannered alternatives. A good example is to switch your chocolate preference to dark chocolate, instead. It is better for you and is even considered to be heart healthy. Reduced calorie or half fat snacks make a decent alternative to fatty fries or chips. You can do it – and it will improve your whole family’s quality of life.

5 – Double Hydration

Double up on your water intake. There are some fantastic water bottle products on the market that help you do this. Some will allow you to put fruit or veg in the centre part which slowly infuses into the water. Some even purify for you so you can drink from the sea if you want to… not that we would recommend it. Doubling up however much water you drink in a day allows all the toxins and excess nutrients to be safely washed away. If you aren’t drinking enough water, they just stay in your system and your body has to work harder.

Final Thoughts

Staying healthy is one thing but keeping a whole family healthy is another ballgame entirely. Don’t let anyone shame you. You’re a great parent and you are doing well.

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