Best Marijuana Strains For Seizures


If you regularly experience ongoing problems with seizures, you may have undergone a medical exam for conditions such as epilepsy. Medical marijuana is a treatment for epilepsy and you can often qualify for medical marijuana to treat the instances of your seizures.

Doctors can legally prescribe a product called epidiolex which is an FDA approved drug that contains a purified oil-based form of CBD. This has been used to treat seizures medically in types of epilepsy. CBD in Epidolex binds to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain and reduces the chance for abnormal electrical activity and inflammation.

CBD has been proven as an effective form of control for seizures but THC can also play a major role. In a study conducted in Oregon, patients that were using various cannabis strains with THC and CBD were able to improve their seizure control levels.

Some of the best strains on the market that model the results from this study include:

Haleigh’s Hope: As one of the main competitors to Charlotte’s Web, this strain comes with a THC to CBD ratio that is excellent for reducing seizures. It appropriate for day or night time use and it produces a mellowing effect.

Charlotte’s Web: Charlotte’s Web is a CBD dominant strain that is perhaps one of the most popular. It could be less expensive than using Epidolex and it models the same type of mixture that is used in medical CBD oil.

Harlequin: This is a balanced strain that is known for minimizing the THC side effects. It has the perfect ratio to not produce any type of euphoria but delivers amazing results in the form of seizure prevention and control.

If you’re interested in learning more about the best marijuana strains for seizures be sure to consult your doctor or visit a local dispensary.

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