7 Myths About Weight Lifting Women


Sport is characterized by peculiar mythology. Most women, in order to form a slender and beautiful figure, believe that lifting weights will never achieve this. On the contrary, it will only gain more weight and boil, the press release said.

Various myths about how to form a beautiful body, what to do, and what not, what workouts to choose, have been heard by almost all athletic women. So how do you select the information, find the most direct path to the goal, and most likely achieve the desired result? An enviable example Simona Mužaitė, a sports enthusiast working in the beauty industry, is a woman who, by her example, refutes all myths that weight lifting is a sport for men and fitness professionals. The woman, who has tried many sports and various training, is convinced that the results could be achieved only after starting individual workouts with weights.

The fitness trainer advises how to shape a beautiful body

Thomas, the coach of the GET FIT Sports Academy, who has fifteen years of personal sports experience and leads four years of functional, strength, endurance, group and individual training, is convinced that the path of weight-lifting women is surrounded by myths and rumors like no other. And completely unnecessarily.

He advises what women looking to form a beautiful figure should pay attention to, why it is worth choosing workouts with weights, and refutes the most popular myths.

Myth no. 1: All women who come to the gym want to lose weight and be slim. False! As many people as there are individual desires and goals. Some women dream of getting rid of unnecessary pounds and losing weight, others of strengthening and highlighting their body lines. Of course, there are women who want to become stronger, faster, or just more athletic, rather than just losing weight. They set different goals for themselves – they strive for strength, speed, endurance, so I can confidently say that everything depends on our own goals, not on framed standards!

Myth no. 2: A woman is not a man and her workouts should be different, she should not lift heavy weights, a jogging track or a bike is enough for women in a sports club. Yes, a woman is not a man, but there are a lot of women who are not inferior to men in the gym. If a woman’s character and nature require it, why not? Professional athletes, such as discus or spear throwers, use very heavy weights in weightlifting training, and their workouts are very difficult.

Myth no. 3: A woman carrying weights is big. Remember the fitness competitions and the girls lined up on stage, pay attention to their body lines, muscles, thighs, abdominal press, and ask yourself: did they all achieve this just by losing weight and cutting calories? Thus, high-achieving women work hard and hard in gyms with extra weights.

Myth no. 4: Weight loss is aided by cardio workouts. Not necessarily – intense weight training is a very good way to get rid of unnecessary pounds. Of course, training alone is not enough – you need to start with nutrition. With the right combination of diet and choosing well-balanced, intense workouts with weights, you can effectively get rid of excess weight and highlight body lines.

Myth no. 5: Training with heavy weights is dangerous. Any sport is dangerous when it is played improperly. Often, listening to different and not always correct information, watching videos of people exercising irregularly, instead of consulting a coach, tries to repeat it. And doing exercises with weights correctly is very helpful. For both muscle and well-being.

Myth no. 6: If you stop training intensely, then your muscles can turn into fat. When you stop exercising, the biggest and most common mistake is malnutrition. When we do sports, we eat a lot, but we also burn a lot of calories. When we stop exercising, we usually no longer burn so many calories, that excess accumulates. However, choosing a proper diet, and spending more time than usual can prevent this.

Myth No.7: Cardio workouts burn fat much more efficiently and faster results – a sporty body. A sporty (athletic) and slender (non-muscular) body are two different things to distinguish. It is a mistake to think that cardio workouts form an athletic body – yes, they help to lose weight, get rid of fat, but you can have a sporty body only by combining your diet and choosing the right workouts or combining them with each other.

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