5 Simple Acts of Kindness in Today’s World


Being a kindness butterfly starts with your own lifestyle and choices, and that then spreads to others by example alone. In today’s world, kindness seems to be lacking, so try to inspire the next generation to think with kindness. Below are four ways to encourage kind acts from your children at any age.

Pick Up Trash

Being kind to the environment can be difficult to explain to a young child, so encourage kindness in your neighborhood by taking your children to pick up trash. You may even inspire your neighbors to do the same and have neater yards and streets as a result. You could also organize a trash pick up at a local park or beach if your children have a favorite spot they like to spend their time.

Write Letters to Soldiers

Soldiers who serve overseas are away from home for months at a time. Although these brave men and women are able to hear from their families, a kind word from a stranger only serves to show them how much their sacrifice means to the nation they protect. Plus writing letters to soldiers is a great way for children to practice their grammar skills outside the classroom.

Donate Used Toys and Clothes

Children often have more toys than they know what to do with. Showing children that donating their gently used toys and clothing can help those who are less fortunate than them can inspire them to continue giving in the future. You can make it a yearly tradition around the holiday season when giving is even more important.

Feed The Hungry

Volunteering at a food bank or shelter can also inspire children to show acts of kindness towards strangers. By sorting donations or serving food, children will also learn the value of good work, especially work that benefits others.  There are many charities that can help children put together with care packages for those who are less fortunate and need assistance in feeding their families.

Visit The Elderly

The elderly may not be able to see their families every day, or even every week, so visiting them in an elderly home will lift their spirits. Many times there are special activities planned throughout the day that children may enjoy, such as painting, cooking, or reading.  You could also bring the elderly meals in their homes.

The younger your children are when they see kindness as a priority, the sooner they will be an example to the rest of the world around them.

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