Signs of a High Functioning Addict


When you think of an addict, you may have the misconception that they live in poverty and survive on charity from others. You may envision them in their tattered clothing, living in the box at the park, looking for their next fix. However, this idea couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, many people living with addiction issues not only cope with their alcohol or drug addiction, but they often excel, making it almost impossible to believe they have a problem. Our counselors at our drug rehab in East Orange want you to understand the signs so that you can prevent your loved one from falling deeper into their addiction.

Addicts who are highly functioning can present a sober face to the outside world and can fool their co-workers, bosses, friends, and family into believing that they are achievers. This attitude makes it difficult to believe they are truly addicted, and this prevents them from seeking treatment at a rehab center.

Signs to Watch for with High Functioning Addicts

These following are signs that you can watch for if you are beginning to believe that a loved one is suffering from addiction:

  • Being defensive about their behavior is the most common sign. These addicts will be able to offer almost an excuse to have a drink. These excuses can include:
    • Successful day
    • Hard day
    • Celebrations
    • Unwind after long day

By using these excuses, it offers a blanket of denial over their addiction.

  • Excessive drinking or drug use with others. If there are settings in which alcohol is made readily available, the addict will be able to get others to participate in their drinking to make it seem like they aren’t doing anything out of the norm. At this point, they consider their behavior acceptable since others around them are doing the same. When others indulge with them, it may also cause the addict to believe that they don’t have a problem and don’t need treatment at drug rehab.

These are just the top two signs of high functioning addicts, there are many more signs that you may be on the lookout for. These include being surrounded by other addicts, looking sick in the mornings, and they typically lose interest in activities they previously enjoyed.

East Orange substance abuse treatment program

When it comes to breaking free from substance abuse, you cannot make someone want to get help. They must first accept that there is a problem. You may find comfort in attending meetings and speaking with previous addicts to find out how you can offer your loved one support during this time. You may also want to be near home if you opt for inpatient rehab East Orange NJ services.  Luckily, you can opt to check into our East Orange NJ rehab.

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