The Truth About Allergies Panic Attacks


Allergies are basically immune reactions to certain phenomena. This is a very common affliction though the intensity varies from the casually tolerable to the violently intolerable. It is estimated that close to 50 million people in the United States are suffering from some kind of allergy.

This problem is the 6th biggest cause behind most chronic diseases in the country and every year more than $18 billion are spent by the health care system to combat it. Allergies panic attacks are closely related because allergies often increase anxiety in people when they suspect the presence of allergic substances or circumstances.

 Some of the milder symptoms of allergy include itchiness, watering eyes, sore throat, and sneezing. Slightly more aggravated symptoms include headache and high temperatures. Allergies panic attacks must not be confused with regular panic attacks because in this case the primary cause of panic attacks is known.

Hypo sensitization is one of the treatments for allergies panic attacks. This procedure is aimed more at curing the allergy and the panic attacks are cured automatically. People who are susceptible to specific allergens are injected with gradually increasing doses of that allergen. This allows their immune system to build up a milder role towards the allergen.

When the allergen enters the system the immune system tries to combat it by mistake and the unwanted increase in the activity of the immune cells of the body results in the symptoms of allergy. Allergies panic attacks treatments expose the immune system to the allergen in small but increasing quantities so that the immune system eventually realizes that there is no harm coming to the body through the allergen.

 Eventually, the allergens do not mobilize the immune system and the patient is cured of allergies panic attacks. The allergen causing allergies panic attacks is taken either through injection or sublingual.

Allergies panic attacks happen more frequently in patients who have hay fever. This is a recent discovery and it reinforces the older medical belief that people with allergies are more susceptible to panic attacks than others. However, the precise relation between allergies, a physical condition, and panic attacks, a psychological event, is not yet known.

Hay fever is, by far, the biggest documented culprit demonstrating a strong connection of allergies panic attacks. Many studies have been conducted across various age groups as well as backgrounds and every study has reinforced that allergies panic attacks affected people with hay fever much higher than any other physical problem.

Through these studies of allergies panic attacks it is now estimated that people who have hay fever run twice the risk of suffering from panic attacks than people who do not have that particular problem. In fact, it has also been noted that anxiety disorders and other psychological problems, like depression, are also closely linked with allergies panic attacks.

Though medical science has yet to firmly establish the connection between these conditions it is known that certain symptoms of one problem serve as triggers for the other condition. For example, difficulty in breathing due to allergy can readily trigger a panic attack through fear of being choked. There are also environmental and lifestyle options that make a difference to this whole matter.

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