Beware of the Dust Allergies


There are many people that suffer with some type of allergy but one of the most common allergies is dust allergies.

People and especially children who suffer with dust allergies have the hardest time keeping them under control as dust is all around us. It is said that the best way to deal with allergies, is to avoid the things that flare up your allergies, but with dust all around us this is next to impossible to do.

Dust mites are one of the biggest problems for those with dust allergies, as they are in your bedding, and this is where you spend at least 8 hours a night.

This makes people feel sick upon waking, and they have trouble sleeping as well. There are allergy shots that you can get to help make you less sensitive to dust mites, but there are also steps that you can do on your own to help lessen the allergic reactions.

There are products that you can buy to help protect your bedding from dust mites, such as special sheets, as well as blankets and pillow cases.

You can talk with your doctor on the best products to use, and where to buy them.

You can also check local stores to see what types of bedding that they sell to help keep the dust mites to a minimum.

Other steps you can take would be to get rid of carpeting, and go with tile or hard wood flooring. This can be a costly step to take, but it will be much healthier in the long run for you, and will cut down on your allergic reactions.

If you cannot replace the carpeting with hardwood floors or tile, then you will want to be sure to steam clean the carpets regularly. There are also treatments that you can get to spray on the carpets to help to kill off dust mites. Be sure to use a heap filter vacuum cleaner as this will help to keep the dust in the vacuum, rather then it being blown back out in the air that comes from the vacuum.

You should always wash your bedding in hot water as this will help to kill off the dust mites. Wash your bedding, including pillows in hot water every other week. You should also try to go with a comforter that is synthetic instead of a down or cotton comforter. Dust mites prefer natural material over the synthetic ones, so try not to make your bed an inviting place for them.

It is a good idea to get air purifiers for your home, especially one in your bedroom. This will help those with dust allergies, as it filters the dust out of the air, making the air much better for those with allergies.

It is important to dust your home and the kick knacks weekly and keep the kick knacks to a minimum as these are huge dust collectors. When dusting your home try to stay away from the dusters that just move the dust around. Go with dusting rags that trap the dust, so that you can get it out of the home rather than just move it around the house.

Allergies are not fun and if you suffer with dust allergies you will have a hard time avoiding dust. This is why it is important for you to take extra measures so that you can live and breathe much easier.

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