Why is It Useful to Drink Tea


Green, black or white tea – different attitudes are better, but there is no doubt that everyone is useful. Scientific research confirms the positive effects of tea consumption in any form, as a beverage or in the form of a capsule extract. Summarize the results from recent publications – and under recent I mean only in the last 4 months! Data in the cited papers were obtained in human-based studies, then studies in rats and mice.

 Although there are more and more scientific data, you will notice that every quote on the utility of tea will begin with “maybe  …” The reason is the attitude of the scientists themselves that they themselves still learn about this topic. Also, you will notice some already known positive effects such as the fact that tea or its extract reduces inflammation and contain potent antioxidants.

 Scientists now inform us not only about the value of tea consumption, but also about how this effect is achieved. Some studies are exclusively focused on studying mechanisms, which is only an additional confirmation of already existing results.

It can increase agglutination

Agglutination is extremely important because it is one of the most potent endogenous antioxidants and additionally very important in the removal of mercury from our body.

Can reduce the concentration of reactive oxygen

species (Reactive oxygen species-R OS). This study shows that biotechnological 3-gal ate (E G CG ester of biotechnological and garlic acid) isolated from the tea, plays a role in the defense of the organism from free radicals-protects our tissues, organs, cells, etc.

It can reduce the inflammatory signal pathway 

 (nuclear factor-kappa B and transforming growth factor beta). This study provides additional information on the anti-inflammatory role of tea, in this case via signaling molecules.

Can protect against non-alcoholic hepatitis

(NASH – nonalcoholic hepatitis) – liver disease caused by the accumulation of adipose tissue. The most risky group for which the characteristic appearance of NASH is diabetics, obesity and people with symptoms of metabolic syndrome

Can protect against oxidation stress caused by physical activity

Possibly from oxidation stress caused by “short-term muscular endurance test as well as long-term strength training”. Free radicals generated as a result of exercise, because the same type of damage as free radicals, which occur in other processes, and it is very important to reduce their concentration significantly.

Can protect bones from smoking caused by damage and can improve bone density 

Scientist’s hypothesize the possibility that tea has a protective role in the event of bone damage caused by the presence of free radicals and toxins. Also, there is a presumption of a positive influence in the process of fracturing. 

It can maintain the stability of hypoglycemia in the long term

Excluding liver and kidney toxicity in combination with antedate. These studies are of particular interest, rats that were at the beginning of the treatment were diabetic, and at the end of the 14 weeks of study they no longer had the need for a changed diet.

Can protect neurons in degenerative diseases

Such as Parkinson’s disease. In this study in mice, the protective effect was achieved not only at the level of neurons, but also at the level of brain physiology and behavior.

It can be cardio protective, increases endothelial nitrite oxide and reduces hypertension

By reducing TN F-a (tumor necrosis factor alpha) and by increasing HO-1, p 38 MA PK and N r f-2. The authors emphasize that many studies have already confirmed the cardio protective role of green tea, but in this study they deal with specific mechanisms, i.e. signaling pathways of importance in the preservation of heart health.

It can slow skin aging, reduce the presence of free oxygen radicals

Reduce inflammation and necrosis. I suppose that only women are embarrassed by the fact that tea and its extract slow down the skin aging process, but men are not always proud of their wrinkles.

These studies are just part of the research on the importance and benefits of using tea. They are an important reminder of how important it is for the tea to become part of our everyday ritual, even in the form of supplements or encapsulated extracts.

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