Nutrition of the Brain for Athletes Strong Supplements


Most attention to supplements before training is focused on fat burning and muscle building. Is it important that it is, but I will focus here on supplements that allow athletes to have the best performance?

For most athletes, caffeine is a choice of supplements before sports; it is often in the form of an energy drink that contains rich fructose corn syrup. The use of caffeine mixed with such a nasty carbohydrate form negates most of its energetic effects.

I am for caffeine as an energetic auxiliary agent, and its effectiveness is supported by research.

January 2011 Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, sports scientists at Coventry University in England explored the effects of taking caffeine an hour before the thrust bottles. Researchers say, “Intake of caffeine improves performance in short-term resistance exercises to exhaustion and can usefully change the mood state when it comes to exercise, compared to placebo.” From my experience I found it more beneficial to improve caffeine supplement by adding amino acids tyro sine and phenobarbital to support the adrenal gland and prevent caffeine “breakdown.”

Caffeine is perhaps the most common supplement used before training, but athletes involved in sports requiring high-tech skills should also take other supplements into account. Athletes who have special skills such as baseball, triple jumps or jumps after jumping from the beam can extract specific benefits from supplements that improve concentration and boost neutrality. Here are seven supplements for brain nutrition that will do just that:

1.Acetyl-L-Incarnadine. Acetyl-L-carnation (AL C) improves cognitive ability, can increase dopamine activity, and improves cerebrovascular and cardiovascular blood flow. Dosage is between 1.5 to 2.0 grams before exercise. According to Dr. Sinatra, 2.4 grams, is the maximum dose for taking. Large doses are often associated with bowel disorders.

2. Extract List of Bacau Meniere. This plant has the capacity to demonize free radicals and its protective effect on cleavage of DNA can explain its ability to relieve cognitive abilities and counteract aging, inflammation and stress. Bacau is neuron-protective, which means that it keeps the nervous system and has been shown to improve memory and learning.

3. Ci ti holiness Sodium. A Harvard study shows that cytosine supplements help promote concentration and mental energy. Here are some benefits of politico supplementation:

Facilitates healthy cellular communication * Sinks into the warehouse, releases the activity of most neurotransmitters and their respective receptors * Increases the production of oxyacetylene, which is essential for optimal learning and acquisition of crisp memory. * Improves the metabolism of glucose in the brain * Stimulates the release of dopamine, which is an important driver and mood regulator The dose used is between 100 to 800 milligrams before exercise. When combined with plants that improve the brain, 100 milligrams is enough.

4. Phosphorescence (GPC). This supplement, which I find particularly useful for the elderly, helps the nervous system calm down by reducing the activity of sympathetic nerves. It raises levels of oxyacetylene, which functions as a neurotransmitter in the brain and helps regulate muscle contractions in the rest of the body.

It improves mood, memory and concentration and supports other neurotransmitter systems such as dopamine, nor epinephrine and GABA. The dose used is between 800 mg and 1,600 mg for 45 minutes before exercise. Although its source is often soya, there is no problem of potential allergens. It’s hospholipase, not a soy protein.

5. Extract List of Ginkgo Balboa. This product contains two major bio active ingredients: flavoring glycogen and terrine lac tone, which provide overprotective effects, relieve stress and / or improve memory. Action mechanisms can be due to their antioxidants, ant hypnotic and the effects of micro circulation. Basically, ginkgo balboa protects the brain by keeping it well and providing oxygen. And when combined with the backup, ginkgo balboa helps eliminate specific damage to the brain and hearing nerves caused by listening through the device, such as MP 3 or iPod players.

6. Gotu Kola. A popular medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years in China, India and Indonesia, ghetto cars improve mental clarity. Used in Chinese medicine in the fight against depression and anxiety. It is known as the “plant of calmness.” Members of the SWAT team and Special Forces, like the combination of Ginkgo Bilbao (150 mg) and Gotu Kole (120 g), have impressive effects on improving accuracy in small arms fire.

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