Role of fetal medicine in high-risk pregnancy


Pregnancy is considered one of the most beautiful phases in women’s life. She wants it to be as special for her as for the baby. However, sometimes there are often some complications in pregnancy. Nevertheless, in today’s time, women do not have to worry about the same. Fetal medicine is available, which helps her to experience the pregnancy and the delivery safely.

Before one chooses any of fetal medicines, it is important to consult a fetal medicine specialist who can guide you throughout the pregnancy. The specialist recommends all the necessary tests, which can help figure out the complications in your pregnancy and help decide the treatments or medication further.

Role of fetal medicine:

Fetal medicine helps a woman throughout her pregnancy in a comfortable way. In case you face any health issues such as regular uterine contractions, lower backache, menstrual-like cramps, abdominal cramping, increase or change in vaginal discharge, you should visit your family doctor or gynecologist to seek for further treatment.In any case of severe signs, your doctor may recommend you to the fetal medicine specialist is likely to carry out a prenatal screening test to figure out on the exact issue.

A prenatal screening test is a technique that is used during pregnancy only. With the help of this technique, a doctor can easily identify if there are any developmental defects in the baby. These tests are non-invasive and are performed in first and second trimesters only. In some cases, this test can also be considered to carry out in the third trimester. This screening test acts as a boon for pregnant women. 

Issues arise:

Usually, in high-risk pregnancy, the issues include genetic disorders, nutritional issues, infectious diseases, and placental abnormalities. Therefore, it is important to visit your doctor for regular checkups during pregnancy to stay on the safer side when it comes to the health of your baby. After trimesters, all these can be easily figured out through fetal scans. Doctors suggest the fetal scans technique, which not only brings all the necessary information about the pregnancy but also helps to diagnose the problems if any.

If you are pregnant, make sure that you take care of everything. Do not let yourself indulge in those activities that may lead to a high-risk pregnancy. Usually, a twin pregnancy is considered a high-risk pregnancy, but nowadays, due to eating habits, normal pregnancy can also experience risks. Therefore, you must not compromise with your health at all during pregnancy. Take The required medications and follow the same schedule as suggested to you by your doctor.

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