Disability Benefits for Cancer


Cancer is a devastating disease that impacts people of all ages. During the past few decades, there has been a tremendous amount of research that has taken place in this field. This has led to the growth of new diagnostic and treatment options for conditions that previously had none. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, he or she might lose his or her ability to go to work. Fortunately, disability benefits are available. In some cases, people might need the assistance of disability lawyers in Iowa. In order for someone to succeed in his or her effort to obtain disability benefits, it is important for everyone to understand the problems that cancer causes.

What Is Cancer?

Cancer occurs when the body’s cells replicate in a manner that is poorly controlled. In healthy cells, their genes dictate when they should or should not replicate. Every time cells divide, their genes need to be copied into the new cell. Each time these genes are copied, errors might develop in the genomes of cells. These are called mutations. Sometimes, these mutations cause cells to replicate constantly. This leads to the development of tumors. These tumors start to compress blood vessels, nerves, and organs, causing them to shut down. Fortunately, there are treatment options available.

How Is Cancer Treated?

There are several ways in which cancer is treated. Sometimes, cancer can be treated with surgery alone. A trained medical professional can remove the tumor and place it under the microscope, ensuring that every cancerous cell has been removed. In other situations, individuals might require chemotherapy and radiation.

The side effects of these treatments can lead to serious medical complications. Chemotherapy has the potential to destroy someone’s immune system. People’s white blood cell counts might drop to zero, leaving them vulnerable to contracting serious infections. Some of the other side effects include hair loss, fatigue, vomiting, and diarrhea. All of these complications can make it impossible for someone to go to work.

What Options Are Available?

While someone is receiving treatment for cancer, he or she might not be able to go to work. This can make it hard to put food on the table, placing the entire family under a tremendous amount of stress. This is where someone can apply for disability benefits, helping the family stay afloat financially while battling cancer. Even though the disability application process can be confusing, there are trained professionals who can lend a helping hand.  

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