Adult Acne is Not Cured With Cosmetics Alone


Care for cosmetics is N G for adult acne. Drying causes horny thickening and blocks the pores.

The descriptions of “oil free” and “non-comedienne” are for reference only. However, it is a difficult job to try to cure adult acne, which can be caused by various factors, with the power of cosmetics alone.

Let’s keep eating habits such as vitamins B 2 and B 6 such as eggs, liver and brown rice, and change the constitution itself into something that acne is difficult to make. If you are chronic, consult a dermatologist. It is said that it is easy to be effective if peeling and vitamin C ion introduction are incorporated into internal medicines such as vitamins and antibiotics.

Also, of course not only to re-examine a stressful life, but acne itself is a source of stress.
At that time, let’s mutter, “The acne is a stress crater, and the spirit has been detoxified because of this.” In any case, let’s recognize its existence and use it as an opportunity to interact with your body.

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