Why Would You Need Water


As you probably already know, water is one of the basic life elements needed by every living being. The human body contains between 50 and 80% of water. The water content in the body depends on half, age and percentage of muscles and the body room.

Men often have a higher percentage of water in the body because in their body there is more muscle tissue in which water accounts for about 70%, while fatty tissue of water is 25-30%. Whether you are obnoxious or not, a man or a woman, this fluid is certainly essential to the functioning of your body and should be injected daily.

In addition to naturally reducing dehydration, there are many more positive features of this drink: –

significantly reduces the risk of kidney stones,
– greatly affects the prevention of muscle cramps, –
absorbs and transports nutrients through the body as well as removing harmful substances from organism,
– maintains body temperature –
enables normal functioning of the body.


Each person has their own “mercy” of the daily intake of liquidity. It depends on physical activity and age.

There should be 2-3 liters of water per day

If there is a lot of physical activity, more than that. You should certainly drink it in the morning as soon as you feel dehydration-for example, after a great physical effort, after the need to do so, because when we throw the water out of it, it is necessary to compensate it after each meal and whenever you feel you need it.


Juices and other drinks contain water at significant levels, as well as vegetables, but they almost always contain plenty of sugar. Sugars containing juices and vegetables should be considerably reduced so that this alternative does not need to become your daily life anyhow.

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