Reasons and Remedies for Back Pain during Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a period that you would always remember. Bringing a child to the world is a beautiful yet nerve-wracking experience. And along with that, there are so many myths and rumors related to pregnancy. There could be situations where you do not know what to do, and you could be confused. But the one thing about pregnancy that is true, you would have back pain during pregnancy. However, with some easy tips, you can relieve the back pain during pregnancy. 

Causes of Back Pain during Pregnancy 

  • Weight Gain: When you are pregnant, it is natural that you would gain weight. A healthy pregnancy would cause a woman to gain between 25 to 35 pounds. The spine then must support that weight. This could cause you lower back pain, and the weight of the baby could add to everything. 

Also, the uterus puts a lot of pressure on the blood vessels as well as the nerves. This is the reason why you should always talk to your doctor during pregnancy and keep them updated if you feel any discomfort or see something out of the ordinary.  

  • Hormone Changes: Along with posture changes, hormonal changes could also cause you back pain. During pregnancy, your body creates a hormone called relaxin. Again this could cause in the loosening of the joints, which might cause pain. 

There are other reasons for back pain in pregnancy. From muscle separation to stress, there are numerous reasons as to why it could happen. 

How could back pain during pregnancy be treated?

  • Heat and Cold: You can use heat and cold compress as it would be of great help for back pain in pregnancy. Start by putting a cold press and followed by a hot one. 
  • Exercise: Going for professionals who would help you with exercise during pregnancy is important. This would remove the stiffness from your back and your legs as well and your spine. Safe exercise is important during pregnancy. You should also improve your posture to benefit you more with your back pain. When you are sitting, try to put a cushion or a round-up towel at your back to get some relief from your pain.  

There are other treatments and ways that you could go for, like acupuncture. But before doing anything, you should always check with your care provider to see whether it would be safe for you or not. So, these are some of the reasons behind why back pain during pregnancy happens and what you could do to lessen it. Pregnancy is a beautiful period, and these problems could be easily solved with the right solution.

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